Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lazy Days and Breakers

Welcome to sunny Oceanside, California, somewhere midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. We're right at the beach, after a fashion - there's only really any beach below the rocks of the seawall at low tide.
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Here's kids playing in the sand and rocks; there's the buglet, his cousins Bryce and Juliet, and a friend who's staying with them for the weekend.

And here's the more sedate adult crowd, enjoying some Adirondack time. You can see our little blue cottage doesn't quite compare to the million-dollar manse next door, but it's more than nice enough for our needs.

We're expecting the folks and more cousins soon, and of course, Legoland and Disneyland. We wandered the Midway aircraft carrier museum yesterday, which was impressive in several ways besides mere size. I think we got through about a third of the audio tour in the nearly three hours we spent there. The Highly Capable Mrs. was found guilty at the Captain's Mast and had to spend some time in the Brig:

Don't worry, the sentence was only long enough for a photo.

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Lucy van Pelt said...

You've already fit in a lot of fun and the vacation is only beginning! That location looks wonderful. Have fun!