Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What I Did On My Winter Vacation

Back in November or so when Sam booked our vacation to the mountains of central Washington for a "snow getaway" we had no idea that we were in for a humongous heaping helping of the stuff right at home. We didn't need a snow break so much anymore, but it was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a trip with our friends the Sathers to a little place in Plain, Washington called the Black Forest Lodge. It was a little over two hours by car, and more than comfortable enough once we arrived. They had snow on the ground, but it had been rained on and was hard as ice, so good for sledding, not so much for snowmen and igloos. But we've done that.

We did a bit of horse-drawn sleigh riding out in the countryside at the Red Tail Ranch,

accompanied by the ranch dog, reportedly part coyote.

We wandered into the big city of Leavenworth (well, compared to Plain, anyway) and did some sledding,

as well as some lunch, where Max showed us how he lost a tooth,

but no fear, the tooth fairy still managed to find us.
We tried out the snowshoes in town,

and watched some fireworks in the afternoon - in the winter, the fireworks can start at six o'clock.

We did a bit more trekking in the snowshoes in a park on our way back home.

Max mainly was interested in the hot chocolate part of snowshoeing.

We got back and things were pretty much just as we'd left them, and the cat greeted us enthusiastically until we fed her. That's what we did on our winter vacation.