Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Boldly Go Where No Wormy Has Gone Before

Captain Police Baby Slimey had a birthday yesterday, and a party on Saturday that was a hit with the preschool set up at the Purple Museum. Captain Slimey's spaceship, the Police Enterprise Four, had a starring role as the birthday cake.

It is not especially easy rendering the Enterprise in cake. On the other hand, it's pretty tasty that way. This is a picture of the Enterprise Four in orbit around Planet Jurassica.

After a day, the frosting went from gray to teal. I don't know why. We polished off the last of the cake last night after Baby Slimey's favorite dinner, gyoza and ramen. The gyoza was homemade, and pretty good if I do say so myself. The Formidable Mrs. was first to try her hand at it a few weeks ago, and I made the latest batch, and they all tasted better than the frozen kind from the store. Pretty easy, too, if a little time consuming. We used ground chicken instead of pork, some thinly sliced green onion and cabbage, a little tamari soy sauce and Mirin, and wrappers from the produce section at the grocery store. Since we usually only fry up eight or ten at a time, the rest get frozen for later - the wrappers come in packs of something like 48, which takes about a pound of filling. Now that Lucy v.P. is getting the family recipe book online, we may be able to add recipes like this one fairly easily.

Thanks to the folks for coming to visit for the buglet's birthday, and the sister and bro-in-law for a lovely Easter dinner. We had a great time. Set phasers for stun!