Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Propagation of Memes in Cyberspace

You know those bits where you post a random picture, list your favorite whatever, tag somebody else to do it? Yeah, those. I don't do those. Except sometimes.

Here, for example, is the sixth photo from the sixth folder, sorted back to front; it's the Extremely Capable Mrs. along with our boy on snowshoes last month:

And here's the list of 25 random things about 25 random things I didn't post on Facebook:

1. The random beauty of "25 Random Things"
2. Charles Darwin Tagged You in a Note on Facebook
3. 25 Random Things About 25 Random Things on Facebook
4. Is that '25 Things' meme driving Facebook growth?
5. 25 Random Tips for the Busy Facebook User
6. Ah, Yes, More About Me? Here Are ‘25 Random Things’
7. 25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You
8. 25 More Things I Didn't Want to Know About You
9. '25 Random Things' Lists Are Last Vestige of American Literacy
10. Have You Heard of This Facebook '25 Things' Thing?
11. We Never Do Random Things. Until We Do.
12. Facebook friends share '25 Things' with the world
13. Millions expose themselves online with '25 random things'
14. 25 Things--The modern day chain letter
15. Facebook fad gets personal
16. 25 Things Articles Arriving as Fast as 25 Things Lists
17. 25 Random Things Meme Is a Boon for Facebook
18. Deconstructing “Random Things About Me”
19. Facebook Mystery: Who Created “25 Random Things About Me”?
20. Facebook members make their innermost thoughts public
21. Facebook users spark craze for 25 Random Things lists
22. 25 things I don't want to know about you
23. Facebook's '25 Things' are life stories in miniature
24. The value in Facebook's new craze
25. 25 random things about Donny & Marie

I'm sure I'd be sorry I asked if I asked if you were sorry you asked. Sorry.